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11 Online Stores Reppin’ Singaporean Gear

7 min readAug 19, 2020


I’m usually patriotic in August — Wet Tee Shirt, well, T-shirt

It’s still August (YES, IT’S ALREADY AUGUST!).

And our blood still runs red (like most other months), with a sprinkling of white, stars and crescent. Since we’re still riding the crest of the Singapore Spirit, here’s a list of stores that might just enliven your patriotism till the next National Day.

Whether it’s apparel, bags, pouches, accessories — take your pick!

Granted, most of these stores have their own brick-and-mortar versions. But in the age of COVID-19, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stay home, buy online, support local!


Naiise storefront Singapore
Photo from Naiise

First on the list is none other than Naiise (if you’ve never heard of them, high time to crawl out the rock you’ve been living under 🤪). Founded in 2013, this creative marketplace has gone from strength to strength since its inception and currently has stores in Singapore, Malaysia and the UK.

Curating designs from over 700 creatives and makers, you’re bound to be delighted and inspired by the products on offer. Speaking of offers, Naiise is currently having a storewide National Day Sale and that means up to 70% off items!

You can satiate your every whim and fancy what with the over 20,000 products stocked by Naiise. It’s fair to say that they do have a design for everyone, for everyday.

Website: |IG: naiise


wheniwasfour storefront Singapore
Photo from Hype & Stuff

Drawing inspiration from nostalgia, the founders of wheniwasfour started this design studio and label to craft local-flavoured lifestyle products for the Singapore demographic.

Arguably, they came to the fore with their wildly-popular Dabao bag which soon became Internet meme fodder (the dream!). That bag basically sold itself (you might even own one!) and spawned other replicators such as the Bubble Tea bag.

Without question, you’d be treated to a quirky walk down memory lane whether you stroll through their physical aisles or peruse their wares online.

Website: |IG: wheniwasfour_sg


Outside storefront Singapore
Photo from Actually

A multi-label fashion and lifestyle concept store, Actually welcomed her first patrons in April 2006 and introduced them to globally-renowned brands such as Freitag, Fjallraven and Dr. Denim.

Moving towards a greener future, Actually introduced Outside to Singapore in 2017 to bring people closer to nature, through apparel.

It matters not if your life is an onerous hike, or a comfortable wade in the pool, Outside has the gear to keep you going at the optimum.

Website: ; | IG: actuallysg, outsidesg

Area 65

Not to be confused with the totally off-limits Area 51 of US fame (or infamy?), Area 65 is an online marketplace of creative products richly steeped in Singapore heritage that their wares won’t be alien to you.

Meykrs Gem Biscuit cushion
Photo from Vulcan Post

Initiated by the founders of Meykrs and Red Republic, you know, the brains and brawns behind the Gem Biscuit Cushion (pictured above) and the Merlion Chou Chou, the team is currently exploring expansion plans in retail in Singapore as well as to host a greater collection of bespoke and mass-market offerings.

That can only mean more Singaporean goodness for you!

Website: |IG:

Independent Market

Independent Market storefront Singapore
Photo from SHOPS in SG

Launched as a platform to celebrate their fellow independent designers, makers and publishers, the aptly named Independent Market started out in 2013 and established their first retail store in VivoCity in 2015.

They’ve since moved to a bigger space in Tanglin Mall to contain the burgeoning talent (and stock) they purvey.

Billed as a trove for unique gifts ideas and alternative Singapore souvenirs that are quintessentially Singaporean, this is the place to stock up items to #flex your #SingaporePride .

Website: | IG: independentmarketsg

Design Orchard

Design Orchard facade Singapore
Photo from Property Supermart

Did you know that Design Orchard is a multi-government agency effort spearheaded by Enterprise Singapore, JTC and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB)?

And did you also know that Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) is the operator of this integrated retail and incubation space to groom and profile up and coming designers?

Well, now you do. You can check that one off your list of ‘at least one new thing to learn’ everyday.

And if you haven’t been to their swanky premises, gather only up to 5 friends, whip on your mask, SafeEntry check-in and go there. Always one-metre apart, thanks. If not, you can still peruse their selection of goods online.

You’re welcome.

Website: | IG: shopdesignorchard

the little dröm store

The old little dröm store Singapore
Photo from the little dröm store

One of the true O.Gs in the scene. I remember being floored by their interior at Ann Siang Hill and then equally astounded seeing the designs the little dröm store stocked in their cosy premises.

They’ve since moved on to SOTA before winding down their physical store in 2016 but thankfully very much alive online.

The store started by 2 graphic designers brings to you products inspired by our local culture interspersed with influences from abroad. And for added punch, they also conduct an array of workshops if you’re looking for a more immersive experience.

Website: | IG: thelittledromstore


Interior shot of BooksActually Singapore
Photo from The Best Singapore

As their name suggests, BooksActually’s main crux of business lies in them collection of papers artfully melded together espousing great knowledge or a grand voyage of the imagination — books.

But lo and behold, they also carry novel gift items such as enamel pins, linocuts, stationery that are as quirky as they are local.

You might never think you’d ever need it, but a pitch black notebook with “Singlish” in gold serif lettering might just be your ticket with the in-crowd.

Website: | IG: booksactually


NomadX storefront Singapore
Photo from Capitaland

In the age of rapidly-evaporating attention span, what do you need?

3 words: Phygital, phygital, phygital

A portmanteau of physical and digital to describe a physical experience that incorporates a digital interaction . And this NomadX store at Plaza Singapura has it, by the truckloads.

Headlined as a futuristic multi-label retail space for the free and forward individuals, their physical store peddles not just goods but experiences with a promise to be ever-changing and never boring.

Website: | IG: nomadxsg


Interior shot of Supermama store Singapore
Photo from Supermama

POP QUIZ: What do you get when you cross a hippo and an elephant?

ANSWER: Supermama.

Started in December 2010, the founders took a sabbatical from their full-time jobs and never looked back.

Famous for the Singapore Icons porcelain collection which bagged them the President’s Design Award in 2013, Supermama’s strength lies in marrying Japanese craftsmanship with Singaporean design.

Besides selling porcelain wares, they also stock novel keepsakes such as embroidery patches, posters, cushions and pins for the avid Singapore collector.

Website: | IG: supermamasg

Cat Socrates

Interior shot of Cat Socrates Singapore
Photo from Cat Socrates

This lifestyle shop started in 2008 offering an array of thoughtfully-designed pieces for your daily needs. Having a collection that boasts paper paraphernalia to vintage memorabilia, the nook that caught my eye was their Singapore Theme selection.

Their bestsellers from this list is primarily draped in colloquial phrases to their beautiful Peranakan-tile designed tablemats, coasters and cushions.

If you’re in the midst of refurbishing your homes, consider having a slice or two of our Singaporean culture and heritage from their selection.

Website: | IG: cat_socrates

Online, on-fleek

Be it the very garment that shelters you from our scorching sun, or perhaps tote bags or pouches that shields your devices or notebooks from prying eyes/hands — you can be sure there’s a selection that reflects your personality while also reppin’ this tiny island nation that we call home.

ADDITIONALLY, check out our selection of premium streetwear available currently via IG: wethepeepur . We might only have tees and totes at the moment but watch this space, we have a host of merchandise coming your way.

And we’re only just beginning.

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Stay home, stay safe and stay tuned my peepur.





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