man in bucket hat with women in dad cap with We The Peepur. logo in the middle and vaporwave background
The duo behind We The Peepur.

The We The Peepur. Story

Stop thinking.

If ever there were two words to succinctly echo our ethos, that is it. We’re not encouraging you to jump into the fire with nary a thought for your life or your loved ones. But we’re calling on you to take them wet blankets, pails of water, fire extinguishers — and take action.

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How we came to be

People were getting desperate, desolate, angry even. In the belly of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was churning — and no one felt safe; health was at risk, jobs were at stake and sanity was on the brink. For the wife and myself, we couldn’t be any different.

But instead of spiralling into a pit of despair, we decided to channel that energy into something positive. Something productive. Why get mad when you can get even? Why worry about something that might happen, when you can take control and ensure it happens?

As Singaporean netizens were up in arms at the gall of that ‘Sovereign lady’ challenging authorities when told to wear a mask, we held back our judgment and watched the drama unfold from behind our laptop screens.

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When that same lady reared her ugly head again, we knew we had to take action. Taking her articulate, yet misplaced, words into consideration, We The Peepur. came into being. And our first line was none other than the words Sovereign emblazoned in Futura white and caged in a bright red box (Bogo box?) ala Supreme.

white tee shirt with the word Sovereign in white encased in a bright red rectangle
One of our tees in the first We The Peepur. collection.

Why we exist

We’re an unassuming, almost bashful, husband-and-wife pairing with a great love for fashion and design, but what we truly obsessed about is in knocking that monkey off our shoulders that kept shrieking “No, you can’t do that!”.

And we’re pretty sure you have those same monkeys perched upon your shoulders, restricting you from truly living out your potential. Some of you might have the run-of-the-mill apes you might have seen in Bukit Timah; though for some others it might be a silverback gorilla beating its chest and bellowing that you are bananas for thinking the way you think.

So, what we’re saying is stop. Stop thinking — and take action.

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Marrying these two concepts together, we established a hyperlocal streetwear brand to peddle apparel and accessories dripping in generous helpings of swag and equally healthy doses of snark.

What we believe in

Though we’ve seen and like many of the local brands, we felt that some of the slogans and designs can come across as tacky or cheesy.

We want clothes that could scream a message without being crass; and without a need for you to utter a word.

We want clothes that rep where you’re from as a collective; without feeling out of place in the global metropolis.

We want clothes that could bind the threads of a community. A conversation starter, an identifier and also a reminder to one’s self to always live out your potential. And you can do so if you just stop thinking.

Our aspirations

You might not have our lightning in hand on your backs; you might not agree with what we put out; but what we want is for you to remember the name: We The Peepur. — and don’t you forget the period, or the fullstop, at the end. You can’t make a proper statement without it.

And the statement we’re making is to fulfill your potential. Do what makes you happy and shut out all the naysayers; yes, them outdated monkeys in the background.

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Our dreams

We’re under no illusion it’ll be smooth sailing. Of course, we’d love to be known throughout the world but we also recognise it’s gonna be a long way to the top.

But we’ll put in the work so that one day the world knows way more about Singaporean design, the creativity in the little red dot; and for our lingo, our colloquialisms to permeate the universal pop/street culture.

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May we lah and lor our way to the top, peepur.

For more inspiration and merch-hunting, follow us on IG: @wethepeepur and like our Facebook page too!




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