Singapore HDB apartment in Teck Whye
Picture by guaslackjack.

Walls of Singapura

Walls don’t fall without effort — Neal Shusterman, Bruiser

And these works of art don’t scale up these HDB walls without the sweat and toil of our construction workers — or the painters. And of course the designers whose brainchildren adorn these HDB flats.

In honour of our upcoming National Day, here’s a big ‘F**k You’ to anybody who’s anybody who said there’s not much art in Singapore. Open your eyes wide enough and you’ll see the beauty at every step.

You ready? Let’s go!

Go fly kite

Singapore Yishun Kite mural
Shot of Layang-Layang by Kurien.

Flying high on our list, and in the hallowed skies of Yishun are these Layang-layang mural. For the uninitiated, layang-layang is the Malay term for ‘kites’.

Painted across Block 838 Yishun Street 81, the mural is a throwback to the heydays of children actually going out and playing outside. No smartphones, no gizmos, no sweat — these kites remind you to always soar above the rest no matter the circumstance.

Old school is the new cool

Remember the days when you’d have to wait for your scheduled programmes to come on your TV screens, and weren’t on demand?

Remember the days when your TV shows had commercials and didn’t start with these 5 God-forsaken words “What if I told you…”

Remember the days when TV isn’t 24 hours?

So instead of showing a blank screen, we have this:

Singapore Tampines Analogue TV mural
Shot of the analogue TV screen by guaslackjack.

And though those halcyon days are long gone, this colourful placeholder of nothingness remains immortalised on the walls of Block 418 Tampines Street 41.

Now you try switching that off, heh.

Simi, Mondrian?

The surface of things gives enjoyment, their interiority gives life — Piet Mondrian

Singapore Teck Whye Mondrian art
Artfully shot by Hasif Ruzahan.

What does a world-renowned 20th century Dutch artist and the mean streets of Teck Whye have in common?

Absolutely nothing.

But now, both will be known for abstract painting involving squares and rectangles, with a healthy dash of primary colours.

If you’re wondering, Piet Mondrian is that Dutch artist, and also the inspiration behind the wall designs that you can find at Block 1–7 Teck Whye Avenue.

Don’t ask Whye, just Teck them photos!

Your pot of gold awaits

Singapore Hougang rainbow mural
Shot of the Rainbow in Hougang by Lea.

You can’t refute it — there’s no greater excitement than spotting a rainbow after the rain!

But if you’re a resident of Hougang, the rainbow is ever present come rain or shine.

So if you’re looking for some ROY G. BIV action no matter the weather, the place to be is Block 316 Hougang Ave 7.

You’re welcome!

Break the walls down

Metaphorically, of course. We do not want any of these masterpieces to face their doom. Not yet, not ever.

And if you know of any other walls in Singapore worthy of mention, hit us up in the comments, email us: or DM us on our IG page. We’re keen to learn more of the art within our neighbourhoods too!



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