Uncle at a laundromat with the words stop thinking on the bottom-right with We The Peepur. logo
Tiao si mi tiao?

What makes our brand?

A brand goes beyond the name you hear (butchered, or otherwise); or the logos and the colours you see. It signifies a lifestyle that you aspire to, one that immediately signals to your mind a place you’d wanna be and the experiences you wanna have.

Nonetheless, the name, logo and colours of any one brand helps model and perpetuate their very perception, with these elements, along with the brand’s mission and vision, critical in embodying the ethos and expectations to customers/fans.

Mention Coca-Cola and the colour red and their ribbon in white comes to your mind. Not forgetting the tiny rivulets of condensation flirtatiously trickling down their hourglass bottle. Cue salivation.

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Chat shit about apple these days and you won’t get farmers knocking on your door — instead be ping-ed by evangelists on Twitter on their minimalist hardware in white/grey extolling the virtues of their expansive lifestyle, their secure devices and the price they’re willing to pay for any one gizmo with a chewed-off fruit. Classy.

Truth be told, we’ve yet to reach that stage, peepur. You can say we’re in our infancy but without a shadow of doubt, we aspire to reach the pantheon of super brands. So, the first step of our journey: tell you the elements we are made off.

Hallowed be thy name

Inspired by the Singaporean lady in lilac with the most infamous outburst of 2020, the name We The Peepur. came to fruition as part-parody of her hilarious yet sombre monologue; and part-homage to our colloquialism referenced with “peepur”.

The period, or fullstop, came about naturally ‘cuz if you’re gonna be making a proper statement, that’s how you end one. BOOMZ. We did not go with an exclamation mark ‘cuz we’re subtle and our designs/slogans will do all the shouting for us (and you) and a question mark is totally out of the question ‘cuz we’re confident like that.

Primary logo

We The Peepur. primary logo consisting of a hand in black with two fingers clutching a yellow lightning.
We The Peepur. primary logo

In three words, our logo can be summed up as “hand catch lightning”.

What started as a logo for a school project eons ago was revitalised and refreshed into the current iteration you see above, and in most, if not all, of our materials.

With the index and middle finger intertwined, we’re saying all the best, good luck have fun, godspeed and what-have-you. ‘Cuz without creating your own luck, you don’t get nowhere!

And when you’re bold enough to make the moves to fashion your own luck, you’ll eventually snag a lightning.

And all this comes from a place of care and a generous dollop of our ethos: STOP THINKING!

Secondary mark

We The Peepur. secondary mark consisting of a yellow lightning and the words “We The Peepur.” in white with black background.
We The Peepur. secondary mark

Where circumstances dictate a regular-shaped element is best served, we employ our secondary mark. A no-frills ensemble of our yellow lightning, the brand name in white all encased in a stark black rectangular box.

If you’ve bought our merch, you’d have seen your packages adorn with these timeless beauties. You might even be the proud owner of our complimentary stickers in this design. Our advice: Stick em’ loud, stick em’ proud!

Primary colours

We The Peepur. primary hues

If we’re a country, this would be our flag. Of course with the lightning in the middle. Rad, huh?

But no, this is simply a representation of our primary colours — black, white and yellow. You can be sure to see all these colours used in some shape or form in all of our materials, most notably in our primary logo and secondary mark.

The black represents our timelessness ‘cuz black will always be the new black. We opted for white both as a contrast, as well as, to denote the purity in our intentions in making Singapore more discerning, and Singaporean design more in-demand worldwide. Yellow was brought about by the lightning in our logo which is the cornerstone of our ethos: STOP THINKING, and just take the damn action.

Keen to know the exact shade? Hit us up for the hex code!

Secondary colours

We The Peepur. secondary hues

Primarily used as accents, you might have seen some of our posts on Instagram and Facebook decked out in these funky, pop-art, cyberpunkish colours.

They’ve even made their way into some of our tee designs, most recently, the Free Riders tee. Unfortunately, that tee sold out faster than hotcakes but we’re open to collating your deets for pre-orders. Get in touch with us and let us settle the rest for ya.

These colours indicate the pops of snark that we embellish each and every one of our materials with. You simply can’t miss ‘em.


We strive to inspire the pursuit of taking action, by not overthinking. Many a kindred souls have lost plenty of battles in their mind and stowed away their weapons never to play out that war in reality ever.

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Our hope is to engender hope and belief in the collective spirit of the peepur through our merch, messaging and actions.


We aspire to be a super brand that brings Singaporean design into greater focus and shines an ever-blinding limelight on the talents of creatives from the little Red Dot.

A word of thanks

Nandri, xie xie, terima kasih, peepur.

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Thank you for making it this far. Thank you for reaching this paragraph. Thank you for being here at our level 1 and may we continue to serve each other well as we scale level upon level till we reach the promised land.

We hope you’re as proud of us as we’re of you for being one of the peepur.





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