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You Should Stop Thinking

It does nothing. As Nike will have you know, just do it.

Three simple words.

That’s all it takes to get you off your overthinking arse and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

When I started WE THE PEEPUR., it wasn’t borne out of months of painstaking planning and droning deliberations — it was all within a night.

An idea leapt into my head, a short discussion with the wife to see if it sucks (apparently, it wasn’t) then a brisk march to the kitchen (makeshift office space, #WFH y’all) to list out a mish-mash of ideas and to-do list on my laptop.

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It was the start of May and most of the world, and us, was still in lockdown. You gotta admit it, there wasn’t much to do, but there was a lot of pent-up anger abound. Singaporeans on social media were left aghast, yet again, at the repeat cameo of the severely entitled lady who came to be known as the “Sovereign” lady.

Her videos were all over social media for everyone to see. Insults were raining in in the comment section. Questions of her citizenry. Questions of her sanity. The gall. The audacity.

Quick recap: She was caught on camera only a week earlier in a verbal duel with police officers for not wearing a mask.

A week on, a facial mask and her face were still not best friends yet.

You were seething. Steaming from the ears, frothing at the mouth. And don’t get me wrong, so was I!

I cannot for the life of me comprehend the level of self-entitlement one has to have to be that belligerent. And in public too… After being confronted by several members of the public even…

As my body temperature surged, I decided that a cool glass of water and a drag of Winstons wouldn’t go amiss. I tossed my iPhone aside, headed to the service yard and stare off into the immensely light-polluted Singapore night skies.

Amidst the collection of smoke and them opaque skies, the heavens somehow shifted the mess in my head and it became crystal clear.

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Why not parody this entitled being? Why not riff off Supreme and slap the very word she incessantly uttered (“Sovereign”) in pure white Futura type in a rectangular bed of red? Why don’t I start a streetwear brand that prides local culture, design and faux pas (especially these), and aim for the stars?

Instead of being illogically furious with the actions of the little lady in lilac miles away from me who has nada apparent effect on my health or well-being, why don’t I make her the inspiration — the launch pad to a clothing label that I so desperately wanna own?

As these questions rattled around my brain, so did insecurities, thoughts and anxiety. I’ve read a thing or two about this monster called the ‘impostor syndrome’. I’ve also been reading up on self-improvement books and blogs and this wee thing called productivity.

My first instinct — I called out to my most trusted advisor in the whole wide world aka my wife to share the plan (loosely used the term here, forgive me)that just came to my mind — and she loved it.

It’s time.

It’s just been over 3 months but I’m still going hard at it with little to no signs of slowing down or stopping. In fact, it might even be progressing further along than I first anticipated:

Invited to the Naiise marketplace; started an editorial blog here, first collab with Singapore’s first ever celebrity puppet (even designed their logo for them!); and planning (yes, this time I really am!) more exciting things for the peepur on the horizon.

And I managed all this without thinking — just plain ol’ doin’.

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You might think I’m bragging, but I really am not. I’m sharing with you what you can truly achieve if you just stop giving in to your insecurities and anxiety and just get the job going.

Plan as you go.

Aim for the stars.

Pray hard.

Play even harder.

Better yet, head on over to our IG page and Naiise store and discover what dreams are made of. And if you respect the hustle, cop your very own WTP. merch and maybe even give ya boy a clap here, aye?

Stay frosty, peepur!




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